The modern minimalism and genuine emotions found in lifestyle school portraits are authentic and truly represent each child. My service is personal and professional.


I never force a smile and simply aim to capture the essence of the children I photograph. No awkward poses or faces, just the authentic child, on the day. The results are genuine and timeless portraits that are far from the traditional cheesy photos we have become accustomed to with bright flashes and unflattering, busy backgrounds.  I provide light and fun experience for your children and take pride in providing an environment where the kids can relax and be themselves, naturally.


From nurseries, preschools, all the way up through senior school, this approach is appreciated by kids and parents alike.




Before picture day, I provide a PDF for the school to distribute to families that tells them what to expect and how the online ordering process works and shooting day preparation.  I handle all questions from parents and families regarding the online gallery, products offered, and the ordering process. Within two weeks of picture day, a private password webpage with ordering instructions, the print order deadline, and links to the galleries will be provided.


Prints are ordered through me and delivered directly to the school.


I provide all the equipment and personnel needed for photo day.


I provide the school with all high-resolution digital files to use for the website, school advertising or however the school wishes to use the images.


I take staff photos. 


I am willing to work with schools to provide custom services that fit your unique needs.


Not at all!  Nothing is due upfront, and while all profits come from ordering, my print collections, a la carte prints, and downloads are competitively priced, with a variety of options to fit everyone's needs.

I also donate 10% of my profit to the schools that I photograph!



Parents rave about lifestyle school photography not only for the outstanding results but also for its ease of use.  No cost up front and within two weeks after picture day, each family receives an individual gallery with 8-10 images in colour and black and white, with a range of authentic expressions.  You can then choose which image best represents your child and select a package from an array of price points, as well as the option to purchase downloads of individual images or the entire gallery.  



I also always offer the option of sibling shots, allowing parents to bring their older or younger children in to be photographed with their child enrolled in the school. 



Most of all, parents love seeing their children as they truly are, without props, busy backgrounds, awkward poses, or fake smiles.



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