• Charlotte Nelson

Newborn Photography Virtual Shoot - where all my thinking began :)

Covid-19 has most of us on lockdown, all non-essential work has stopped, so one thing we can no longer do is take professional photos which breaks my heart. A massive way I have coped with this crazy situation we are in right now is being creative. It was given me a place where my brain can switch off for a few minutes.

I could not stop thinking about all the new parents out there with everything else on top and how I could potentially help them with my experience and knowledge I have with photography. Zoom newborn virtual shoots came about with me thinking how can I make people smile, give them personal tips on how to photograph their baby right now, something to look forward in the day, document their feelings story and photos to share with family and friends and raise money for Harrogate Hospital Special Care Baby Unit.


So off we go exploring the babies of Yorkshire born in lockdown 2020.

🌈💕Contact me at charlottenelsonphotography@gmail.com to book your slot or send an enquiry 🌈💕

Here is the link to fundraising:






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