• Charlotte Nelson

Meet Baby Lola Born in Lockdown 2020

"We hadn’t exactly planned for this but there has been a silver lining.

We welcomed our second child into the world on April 4th at Harrogate hospital, the care from the midwives throughout this whole journey has been second to non, we had a really positive experience at the hospital given the current circumstances and I want to reassure anyone who is expecting anytime soon the midwives are doing their absolute best.

During lockdown we have established breastfeeding without any interruptions, we have spent quality time as a family and my eldest daughter has learnt to ride her bike.

I think when this is all over we can look back at pictures and actually remember all the positive things which came from such a tragic time, it will make us remember the importance of living and not taking anything for granted, how grateful we will be for the family and friends around us and making us realise how precious our time is.

This will go down in history and we can explain to our loved ones how we learnt some of lives most powerful lessons. " - Lauren

Being a newborn photographer in Yorkshire it broke my heart that these memories could not be captured in the first weeks. I started this personal project through Zoom to document the feelings new parents are having and spread smiles on the way.

🌈💕Contact me at charlottenelsonphotography@gmail.com to book your slot 🌈💕

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