• Charlotte Nelson

Meet Baby Holly Born in Lockdown 2020

"Having a baby born in lockdown has been such a positive experience. The world that we knew before now seems like such a distant memory but the build up to Baby Holly’s arrival provided us with a very welcome distraction. 

Our family at home grew closer together during self isolation. We had the chance to spend more time together, play games, talk about our babies arrival and prepare the house. Both of our other children (Isobel & Leo) were really excited throughout the build up and are now delighted to have a new baby sister.

Since Baby Hollys arrival we have been enjoying the nice weather that we have been blessed with. We have spent time in the garden as a family, had BBQ’s and gone on some nice family walks. We have kept in touch with family members through FaceTime and also the weekly family quiz on Saturday nights. 

It’s hard not being able to see family but you have to play life with the cards you have been dealt with. We can live in hope that lockdown will end soon and we can spend those precious moments with the people that we love and care about the most. 

Baby Holly is a gorgeous gift that arrived on the planet at the right time for us. We love her and she completes our family. " - Rob and Steph

Being a newborn photographer in Yorkshire it broke my heart that these memories could not be captured in the first weeks. I started this personal project through Zoom to document the feelings new parents are having and spread smiles on the way.

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All money raised is going to the Special Care Baby Unit:






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