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Meet Baby Harriet born in Lockdown 2020

"Lockdown began the week before baby was due. All the feelings swirled around, anxiety, sadness, anger, panic, scarred, alone, out of control, helpless, protectiveness and don’t forget the excitement for baby no 2 to arrive!!

I had a planned C section. The morning of, we were greeted by the surgeon who said the hospital were still deciding if my husband was allowed in the theatre or not for arrival. Hours later it was all go, my husband was able to be present and even though the whole team seemed anxious of all the new ways of working and full PPE they could not have taken more care of me, reassuring me through the surgery and making it as positive as possible - after all a baby was coming!!!!! Suddenly the world became small again. Harriet FAITH arrived 31/03/20 9lb35oz 

For a few things we have had a lot of care since Harriet arrived and we cannot put into words how we feel about all the theatre, maternity unit, paediatric , AandE, ambulance, healthcare staff, we have so much gratitude - they are truly amazing! My way of giving back was to join in in making scrubs for the hospital.

Being a mother of a 2 year old and a newborn in lockdown has had its challenges but mostly highs. What we thought this 6 weeks schedule would look like (schedule??? What’s that???? 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️🏼‍♀️) has gone out of the window. Our days are filled with cuddles and kisses in bed, giggles and running in the garden, feeding, feeding feeding, maternity leggings, unbrushed hair, makeup free, painting, drawing, role play and much more. 

Yes I miss the baby classes with other mummies, yes I miss days out and yes we miss our friends and families hugely but lockdown has allowed us to live the slower paced simple life in such a beautiful way. 

And lastly thank you Charlotte for capturing precious memories that lockdown can’t take away from us, as unconventional as they are. What a wonderful thing you are doing!! " -Steph

Being a newborn photographer in Yorkshire it broke my heart that these memories could not be captured in the first weeks. I started this personal project through Zoom to document the feelings new parents are having and spread smiles on the way.

All money raised is going to the Special Care Baby Unit:






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