• Charlotte Nelson

Meet Baby Freya Born in Lockdown 2020

"Initially we were nervous about having a baby during lockdown, given all the uncertainty around what options we’d have at the birth, general anxiety around Coronavirus, and the restrictions social distancing brought. 

In the end Freya arrived calmly and safely into the world, thanks to the fantastic midwives at Harrogate hospital. We were able to return home within hours of the birth which meant we could establish our new routine quickly in a relaxed setting. 

Whilst the restrictions on family and friends visiting has been really tough, there have been positives to lockdown during these first few weeks with our new baby. It has given us more time to settle as a family and focus enjoying our newborn bubble, without the worry of needing to be ready for visitors!" - Heidi

Being a newborn photographer in Yorkshire it broke my heart that these memories could not be captured in the first weeks. I started this personal project through Zoom to document the feelings new parents are having and spread smiles on the way.

All money raised is going to the Special Care Baby Unit:






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