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Baby Leon Born in Lockdown 2020

Updated: May 10, 2020

"As lockdown went on I felt anxious about going into labour. Worried that Gareth wouldn’t be able to come to hospital, scared that our baby could get the virus and very sad that Annie couldn't visit her brother in hospital; I was really looking forward to that moment. The realisation that he wouldn't meet his Grandparents and family straight away was hard to take. I felt sad for these moments too. 

But then Leon arrived and we entered our lockdown bubble. I did hypnobirthing at home and we got to hospital just in time as he arrived 12 minutes later! The worry about being in hospital wasn't needed. The midwives were brilliant, the hospital was quiet and Gareth was given plenty of time to bond with Leon before he left. I was given a private room on the ward for some rest so felt safe and was able to go home the same day. If it weren't for the PPE I wouldn't have known about the virus at all. It had momentarily left my mind. Annie came to the hospital with Gareth to collect us and the magical moment she met him was captured by the lovely midwife who wheeled me to the front door and took our photo. 

Now we're all safe at home and making the most of this precious time together as a family of 4. Leon met his family through video messaging and we're happy staying in our bubble until we can see everyone again safely and hopefully soon." - Deborah

Being a newborn photographer in Yorkshire it broke my heart that these memories could not be captured in the first weeks. I started this personal project through Zoom to document the feelings new parents are having and spread smiles on the way.

Do you know a baby born in lockdown please spread the word?

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